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"She is diligent and responsive"

I had an amazing experience working with Patty. I was purchasing a rental property for the first time and Patty guided me through the entire process from location analysis, cost to rent ratio, offer negotiations to closing. She is diligent, responsive and always available to help with any matters that come up, taking away any stress or concerns away from the buyer. After closing, she also provided valuable advice to set up the property for rental, and I was able to find a tenant within a week. Our experience with Patty was fantastic.

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She was more than just a Real Estate Agent

Our experience with Patty during the home-buying process was fantastic! She was always there for us, promptly answering our calls and emails and keeping us informed about every development. She has an incredible ability to explain complex contract details in a way that makes sense to us as first-time buyers. One thing we loved about working with Patty was that she used to be a lender before becoming a real estate agent. So, she knows the field inside out and was able to guide us through the stressful and confusing mortgage process with ease. Patty and her team were an indispensable line of communication with the bank lenders, which made everything go smoothly. In short, Patty was more than just a real estate agent to us; she was a friend who made the entire process feel easy and comfortable. We can't thank her enough for all the help and support she provided us.


"Smooth Closing" 

Patty was really helpful for help us buying the house , it was really smooth closing we will definitely hire her again , plus she provide us rental infos in this area not just stand aside not saying anything , I do feel really helpful after hear all her experience in the past.

Taking the Key




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Sapho and Brett


She is always very enthusiastic 

Patty did an outstanding job assisting us with the purchase of our house. She is very knowledgeable about market conditions and negotiation skills. At the same time, she is always very enthusiastic to answer our questions, reducing our anxiety and let us becoming more and more familiar with what to pay attention to when looking at houses. Her service not only helps us find our ideal house, but also after the house was handed over, she continued to help us find a remodel contractor and continued to be a bridge of communication so that I had no worries.


"She was responsive and always happy to help"

I had a fantastic experience working with Patty. I was purchasing a home for the first time, and Patty walked me through the process step-by-step, made sure I knew what to expect and prepared me for important deadlines. From our first introductory call through the closing of the purchase, Patty was very responsive, always happy to help and she provided expert guidance to assist me in navigating the challenging local market. Patty anticipated needs and met them with a smile and utmost professionalism. Her negotiation skills were first-rate – Patty found a way to get me a deal that exceeded my expectations. Patty also excelled at making sure the details were taken care of – from arranging inspections to ordering home warranty coverage. I felt informed, prepared and supported throughout the entire process, which was due to Patty’s professionalism, thoroughness and dedication. I would absolutely work with Patty again and I highly recommend Patty to others.


Michael C.



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Michael and Heidi


"Most diligent Realtor"

Patty is the most diligent realtor I have ever worked with. Highly recommended for first time home buyers like us. She has a very detailed progress tracker which helps clients to understand what is next. It is a total life saver.


"I highly recommend Patty and her team"

Patty is the best agent that a first-time home buyer can ask for. She is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in Bay area and she is an excellent negotiator. Above that, she nearly works around the clock so basically you can find her anytime in a day. Not only that, she also works with lenders who is extremely diligent to get your case done. I couldn't recommend Patty and her team more. If you are looking to buy a home, trust me, just call her and she will definitely get it done for you.

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Jack and Winnie



"She is responsive and moves quickly"

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Patty did an amazing job throughout her time as our agent in helping us view and purchase our house. She is very knowledgeable about the market and gave us a lot of input on repairs, renovations, and recommendations for contractors. She is responsive and moves quickly while also being kind, thoughtful, and approachable. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate to reach out to Patty for guidance and help.

Albert Le

"We would not have been able to get our home without Patty"

We would not have been able to get our home without Patty. She knew exactly how to negotiate and we got the home of our dreams at a better price than we expected. We have been working with Patty now for a year and a half. She has been super responsive and patient the entire time and makes you feel like you are always her top priority. What I love most about Patty is her extensive knowledge of the area, the market and estimates on prices of renovations. I always felt like her network was my network. Everyone she has recommended so far has been spectacular. I never felt pressured from her to buy a home we didn’t want or to put down more than we were comfortable with. We feel so lucky to have met Patty and will forever be thankful for the home she helped us get!

Facebook review


Lorraine Wong 

My husband and I would not have been able to buy our home without Patty, at least not for the price that we did! We met Patty at an open house she was listing over a year and a half ago and we were quickly impressed with her knowledge of the Bay Area and how to understand the school rating systems. Since we were relatively new to the area, we wanted someone who could tell us what areas were good and what the market was like. Over the last year and a half, Patty has been super patient, responsive, and never pressured us into putting down more than we were comfortable with. She has an extensive wealth of knowledge about the market and estimates for renovation costs. 

Patty was able to negotiate the home of our dreams for a lower price than we were even expecting! She was there for us every step of the way during escrow and we always felt like her #1 priority. We are so grateful to have met Patty and for being able to get us our home!

"I couldn't have asked for a better realtor"

I recently worked with Patty Ho and couldn't have asked for a better realtor. Patty is an absolute professional with an extensive knowledge of the real estate market and a keen eye for detail. When I met Patty, she impressed me with her dedication and passion for her work. She took the time to understand my goals and priorities for selling my home. Her guidance and expertise were invaluable in preparing my property for listing, and her marketing strategies were spot on. Throughout the selling and buying process, she demonstrated exceptional communication and responsiveness. She informed me at every stage, promptly answering my questions and providing updates on showings and potential buyers. Her attention to detail and proactive approach made the entire experience stress-free. One of her standout qualities is her outstanding negotiation skills. She skillfully negotiated on my behalf, ensuring I received the best possible offer for my home. I felt confident in her ability to represent my interests and appreciated her honest and transparent communication. I can't thank Patty enough for her hard work and dedication. She exceeded my expectations in every way, and I highly recommend Patty Ho to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

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I-Wen Wang



"The house closed in less than month"


I’m writing this review for my mom that just sold her house in Dublin, Ca. Patty Ho was the listing agent and she was fabulous from start to finish. My mom has sold many houses in her days and had worked with numerous agents/broker all over the country…Patty is the best!! She’s caring, detailed and follows through! The house closed in less than month from start to finish!

Lilian Liu



"We found Patty online"

Patty is a superb real estate professional that we would recommend to anyone in the Bay Area housing market.

We found Patty online, and from the very first phone conversation we had with Patty, we knew she would be a great agent to help us with our needs. We had two transactions with Patty in the past year, one as a seller and one as a buyer, and we were extremely satisfied both times. She is always quick to respond and is always willing to offer her insights and advice every step of the wya, from the overall housing market/trends, property conditions, offer strategy, escrow, to remodeling tips, you name it.

As a seller’s agent, Patty was able to come up with a good plan to help us sell the property at a good price in a shifting market. As a buyer’s agent, she had tirelessly shown us many houses and was very thorough in going over the disclosures, inspection reports, and comps to help us with making offers. We can tell that she’s very passionate about her profession as she had always kept the same energy even through the bumps that we had faced. She’s also very respectful and would want to ensure that we were not pressured to make decisions that we were not comfortable with. Even after closing, she continued to follow up to help us and ensure everything goes smoothly until move-in. Lastly, her supporting team was also very professional and easy to work with to ensure we had a timely and smooth closing.

Thanks Patty, and keep up the great work!

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Allen Chang



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"The best professional agent for first-time buyer"

The best ever professional agent for us as the first-time buyer! She explained every detail of what a buyer should know and answered every question we have starting from searching the market all the way down to close.

Andy Yeh



"I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Patty is the best agent we've met in the Bay Area, knowledgeable, patient, and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend her! I'm not a first-time home buyer and have attended some real estate classes, but she can still promptly answer any real estate questions, such as investment, insurance, or renovation. Patty always provides insightful opinions and even coordinates resources to help solve problems. She treats clients like friends and takes care of each property as if it were her own.


Moreover, I must share some fantastic stories. During the house-buying process, we met a conservative investor-seller. Patty handled the entire process proactively, communicating personally with them. She helped us get tens of thousands in seller credit, plus several thousand in gift cards. It was so pleasant a surprise. I wonder how she managed to deal with such a strong-willed person?

Even more thanks to Patty for selling our property! We didn't find an ideal buyer last year. After turning the listing over to her this year, it was pending within a week with her marketing! The open house was crowded, and each offer was higher than last year's asking price. She handled many tedious negotiations, so we didn't have to worry at all.


Some people say it doesn't matter who you choose as an agent, but I deeply disagree. An excellent real estate agent can help you avoid many pitfalls and traps in real estate transactions and make more accurate judgments with their experience. I rarely write Facebook reviews, and this recommendation is entirely heartfelt. Don't hesitate to contact Patty, a five-star, conscientious, and quality agent!


Max Chen

Seller / Buyer



"Attentive to customer's needs"

Patty and her team are very organized in helping to guide the document signing process. Our property is a BMR unit that is under city’s management with unique guidelines for both seller and buyer. Patty is knowledgeable about the market and attentive to customer’s needs. She took initiatives to coordinate all parties including representatives from the city to ensure a smooth overall process. I highly recommend Patty.

Eric Lo



"Thanks to her tireless efforts"

Patty was there for us every step of the way, ready to answer any questions we had and address our concerns. She went the extra mile to help us negotiate with the seller, particularly regarding the sewer lateral issue and a neighbor’s tree that decided to fall into our front yard two days before closing. Thanks to her tireless efforts, all the issues were resolved before closing, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction. We cannot thank Patty enough for her hard work and dedication in making our dream home a reality. We feel so lucky to have Patty as our real estate agent. Without a doubt, we would recommend Patty to anyone in search of a knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy agent. Thanks for everything, Patty!


Liya Chiu




Jojo Chang

"Professional Sales Person"

Thanks for your help, and help to find a good house to me. You are so Very professional,and experienced realtor. Due to the fact that time difference, and she always Quick to respond to me by literally 24/7.You always remind to me about what is key points, and share lots detailed information to me from market。It's really good to have a professional sales person like you



"We appreciate Patty"

Patty is one of the best realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area! As a Bay Area native who grew up here, Patty knows the neighborhood inside and out. She knows all of the insider market trends and is well connected to other professionals in the area.

I was lucky enough to know Patty as a personal friend through a Facebook group. I always knew Patty as a vibrant and friendly woman who never hesitated to help others in need. When I started looking into buying a property, Patty was my first choice all along, and I knew I could trust her.

Buying a property in Silicon Valley in midst of a pandemic in a strong seller’s market is a nightmare for any first-time home buyer. You would need not only an experienced realtor but also one who puts your best interests forward representing you as the buyer. Working with Patty is like working with the most soft touched personality, and yet technically assertive person who knows the end to end home buying process from helping you to structure the most desirable offer, to giving you advices on what to look for in a house, to any renovations you would anticipate down the line.

Patty never hesitated to discuss any questions we had in mind and she graciously spent her time coaching us. As a first time home buyers, this was foreign and scary territory, but Patty was able to break it down into very simple and easy to understand concepts for us. It never felt like just another transaction for her. She knew this was our decade’s worth of savings and we were making the most important purchase of our life - she made us feel it was personal to her and every detail was worth discussing from the emotional aspects of buying a home to the technical and financials aspects.

From the time it took us to get pre-approved, to putting down our offer and winning the offer, it only took us 7 days. It happened because Patty was able to nudge us in a timely fashion and she even accommodated her own appointments to make sure she could go see the house with us again. We closed in 25 days with an amazing rate in a incredible location. In the process of deciding on a loan, we also liked to include Patty in those conversations because she could always demystify everything and explain the technical jargons to something easy to understand.

When it is this easy and effortless to purchase a house, it’s because you have a phenomenal realtor who did all of the hard work in the background.

It is my pleasure to recommend Patty personally and professionally with no reservation and I look forward to work with her again. Thank you Patty for being our realtor and making this experience so painless.

We are so thankful to have met you and thank you for all you have done for us.

Jean Cin Cin.HEIC

Jean Cin-Cin


"She can save a lot of time"


Rachel Cheng


We are homeowners thanks to Patty!

We first met Patty thru good friends of ours, who are also now homeowners thanks to Patty ! Patty gave us a lot of insights about Bay Area housing market trends and investment opportunities, she really changed our perspective of buying a home from our first encounter . She spent days with us to see open houses and explained details we should pay attention to as first home buyers. Patty really took the time to get to know us as individuals and she would give us her honest opinions in what she thinks we realistically want in our home (Not a dark- colored house with a pool).

Patty also is great at leading us into making decisions.


When we found a home that checks off all the boxes, she reminded us to spend some time to think about the home before making the next decision. We love that she is really thoughtful and understanding. We ended up going in contract with a newly built townhome in Newark .


Patty has gone above and beyond as a real estate agent, not only she provided us with loan consultant contact, but she also assisted us in understanding contracts and documents. She offered to spend time with us at the builder’s design center to give us feedback when choosing flooring types. We love her expertise knowledge in construction materials and supplies. She was also there as our budget consultant to ensure we controlled ourselves by not going overboard with upgrades . After months of waiting, with Patty’s help in following up with the builder, our home was ready in August for inspections and Patty was there in every step along the way to guide in through the inspection. We felt extremely grateful to have her assist us as we were getting close to

being homeowners.

We finally moved in late August, Patty continues to keep in touch with us to ensure that we are loving the new place and offered to help. We really appreciate Patty, our decision to have her as our agent was validated every steps through this process by her professionalism and approachable and friendly personality . We have since recommended our other friends to her. Patty, get ready to get busy!!

"Quick to respond 24/7"

Short Review:

- Very professional. Experienced realtor. Jack of all trades giving advice in homes, loans, and interior design.

- Quick to respond (call and text) literally 24/7

- Gives honest/detailed feedback (the good and the bad) on properties we tour together

- She is very approachable and one of the friendliest people who have helped us.

Long Review:

My wife and I were so lucky and truly grateful to meet and work with Patty on finding our first-ever home. We met Patty touring an open house and we knew she was the agent for us. She is a real professional and we honestly cannot imagine finding a home without Patty. Patty has been there for us every step of the journey. Without asking us too many questions she figured out what our preferences were for our first home and guided us through each phase of the home buying process.

She dedicated every weekend to us by visiting 15+ open houses. She not only helped us close on our property but continued to help us even after closing by recommending painters and giving insights on how to remodel our home before moving in.

Patty, we can’t thank you enough for helping us find our sweet home and answering tons of questions we had. You provided us all the information we needed and helped us even after closing. We are so grateful that we were able to meet you. Thank you so much.

Thomas Kil.HEIC


Thomas Kill

"Work-a-holic she Is"

Jack and Jessica Enloe

Friends talking


TLDR; Patty handled EVERYTHING ( staging, house fixes, landscaping, lawn mowing, and house cleaning) during a stressful and complex house sale for us, when we moved out of state, and ended up getting us an offer that was over asking.

Now the long part of the review.

I (the wife and me) was referred to Patty by her husband Max (a friend, a former coworker, and someone I have immense respect for and look up to), and was apprehensive at first, as I've used a friend to sell and buy a house before and it was more stress than it was worth. I figured that if Patty was half as smart and had half the work ethic as Max, then we would be in good shape. It turned out that we were in more than good hands since it turns out that Max is the lazy one out of the two. Sorry Max, but Patty did a freaking amazing job, worked her ass off, and went above and beyond anything that we could have asked for or even thought of.

So we interviewed one other agent that we thought would do a really good job for us, then Patty came in for an interview. She basically blew us away with how prepared she was, how well she knew our specific market, and how she refused to wear shoes in our house. She mentioned that she specializes in out of area clients, which was going to be us as we were going to be moving in a week and a half after we interviewed her.

Patty arranged the staging, all the fixes to our property, the house cleaning, the lawn mowing, hauling away trash that we did not have time to do ourselves, and then put it on the market for us. It was a tough time to sell, so it was a rocky sale. The first person who made an offer that we accepted backed out after a week and a half, and me and the wife were scared at this point as the wife had to quit her job, and i was working (but had a mortgage, and rent payments, and a baby due in march 2020). Patty (being super calm as she always is) didn't flinch at all and produced a backup offer that matched the offer that we accepted immediately. We accepted the backup offer (with only a loan contingency) and were happy for the time being, but Patty being the professional and work-a-holic she is, kept on getting us other backup offers until all contingencies were dropped and the sale was basically done. At this point, we would have understood if she took it easy, but that is NOT who Patty is. Patty kept on going 110% until the sale closed, taking care of everything that came up, and kept on top of the buyer's agent, and basically willed the deal to close.

I would more than recommend anyone and everyone to use Patty for all real estate transactions in the bay.

"She went Above and Beyond"

Thanks to Patty, we found our new home!

We first met Patty thru a few other friends who also bought their homes with her! We were looking to relocate to the East Bay, and Patty helped provide a lot of expertise and info on market trends. She spent many weekends (and even a few weekdays) with us to open listed homes and tour open houses and explained details we should pay attention to.


We appreciated how Patty really took the time to get to know us and our growing family. We love that she is really thoughtful, understanding, and honest.


Patty went above and beyond as a real estate agent, helping to explain and move each step of escrow along.

We ended up purchasing a spacious single family home in Hayward! We are grateful that Patty was our agent. The entire experience was smooth and enjoyable, it was like working with a friend! We'll be recommending Patty to all our friends!

Raniel Camacho.HEIC

Raniel Camacho


"She puts our Interests as Her Priority"

Gift Giving

Christine Liu


Patty is a wonderful agent to have for a first time buyer. She is easy to work with, shares a lot of knowledge with us, and always puts our interests as her priority.

As first time buyers, my husband and I had no clue what we were looking for. Patty is very professional, helpful, and detail-oriented. She always points out facts or condition of the houses for our reference. Small details that we would have missed if we didn't have her with us.

Patty's job didn't end when we found our perfect house. She walked us through the entire loan process so we were able to close the deal in 20ish days, with no issues at all. She continues to follow up and helps us settle-in in the new house. Her genuineness and caring attitude really win our heart. We 100% recommend Patty Ho Property Investment Group.

"Great Work"

Patti did an excellent job of analyzing the market and how our home sales fit into the broader picture. Her team did an outstanding job presenting the house online in the multiple listing service and staging our homes for Open House. It took around 2 weeks before we found a suitable buyer who offered $30,000 over the list price. Patti is a savvy professional who helped us sell as as quickly as possible with few snags. Go Patti! My wife and I really appreciate her great work. 

Patrick Mester.JPG


Patrick Mester

Pavis Chen.HEIC

Pavis Chen

"One Hundred %"

Patty helped me with my 2nd property purchase last October, a ~1900 square feet, 3 bedroom townhouse in South San Jose. She efficiently complied a list of houses I’m interested in days, and we actually closed the deal within 2 weeks at a great price ($30,000 below the appreciation value).

I also asked Patty to help me manage the property since it’s for investment purpose, and she found me a tenant in no time. It’s been almost a year and I think I will sign another contract with her (for managing my property).

Two thumbs up for Patty’s great job. 100% recommended!!!

4You and 3 others

Buy and Sell

2 Transactions

"She Works Quickly"

Patty and I were friends long before I decided to hire her to handle all my real estate needs. She sold my first home in CA in 10 days. She recommended work needed to be done to sell for top dollars and oversaw the project. We prepared the house in 14 days and sold it for the highest price in 2019. She then helped me buy my dream home now, coordinated interior upgrades on flooring. Her excellent service and work ethics don't end here. She and I worked together again to secure a great investment property soon after. We bought that house $80K under appraised value. It was really a steal. She is very productive, works quickly and precisely and most importantly, she treats every client like people, not just transaction. If you decide to hire her, she will work tirelessly for you.

Textile Folds

Eric Chang

Buy and Sell

4 Transactions

Amy Yao.HEIC

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

Patty was an amazing realtor during the entire process of buying our first home in CA. Her thoroughness and attention to detail really helped us make informed decisions. She is extremely knowledgeable on the local market and trends, home construction, and what to look for in a home. She was always patient with us, available to chat, and kept in constant communication with all parties involved every step of the way. We really felt she had our best interests at heart. We would recommend her to anyone who needs help in finding a home in the Bay Area!

Amy Yao


"Amazing Person with a Genuine Heart"

She is the best agent in the Bay Area! She helped me a lot when I bought my condo in 2018. She is such an amazing person and always deals with every client with professionalism and a genuine heart. She worked tirelessly for me and understood my needs. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a house.

Person with open package

Kitty Yu


Happy Gift Box

"Caring Personality"

It is so lucky to have Patty as my insurance agent. She has great knowledge and genuinely cares about her clients. She manages to get the most reasonable rates and help the clients understand how to select the proper coverage. Patty has a very caring personality. Whenever I have questions, she is always very responsive and helpful.

Jennifer Chiu


"She goes beyond her duties to help her clients"

Working with Patty was such a pleasure. While I was working with her, I have learned more about her. She is such a responsible, diligent, hardworking and professional agent.  I feel that any buyers working with her for sure would feel that they are in the right hands. She goes beyond her duties to help her clients and always does an excellent jobs on following up with her buyers.  She even helped out to get any necessary documents to move the process much faster and smoother.  I am very pleased to know her.  Excellent job, Patty. ;-)

Bea Bea Tao.JPG

Bea Bea Tao


Forest Snow

Nigel Lin


"Trustworthy Agent"

Patty has been handling my issuance for several years. She always finds the best deal for me and answers my questions patiently. She is a trust worthy agent!

"Professionalism & Passion"

I’m really happy with patty’s professionalism and passion for her job. I’d refer her to anyone who’s interest in buying or selling property! Great job!!!

Young Businesswomen

Wenchu Shao


Opening Gifts

Best agent in the Bay Area!

Bruce Hsieh


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